Infografiek: hoe kijken kinderen wereldwijd naar televisie

How Global Kids Are Watching TV

When kids around the world watch TV today, the television screen is just one option available to them. To understand children’s viewing behavior in this fast-changing media environment, Nickelodeon Kids & Family GPS launched Connected Kids, a new and ongoing online study that will provide an in-depth look at how global youth are consuming TV and video content.

A new infographic emerging from this study focuses on how kids use devices for viewing. Here are some key findings:

Smart TVs are kids’ favorite viewing deviceKids are much more likely to always watch TV/video content on a TV than on a tablet (67% vs 25%)However, 55% of kids sometimes view on a tablet73% of kids choose the TV set when they know what they want to watchBut 33% will turn to the tablet when they want to watch something specific that’s not available on the TV setTop 3 devices owned by kids: tablet (52%), TV set (31%), game console (28%)


Onderzoek in 10 landen naar het kijkgedrag bij kinderen van 4 – 11 jaar.

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