Why are 5 million kids on Facebook if it doesn’t want them?

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Interessant artikel hoe het komt dat er 5,6 miljoen kinderen op Facebook zitten, waarvan vermoedelijk een aanzienlijk aantal jonger dan 13, terwijl Facebook volgens eigen zeggen deze groep actief weert.
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Meer dan 60 websites met vrij te gebruiken afbeeldingen en clipArt

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“Here you will find 60 (and growing) websites that offer graphics, images, clipart, and video that are in the public domain.
That is because we are all concerned about copyright and providing students with resources for projects and activities is sometimes difficult..”

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7 Great Ways To Find Free Images Online

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“Prehistoric man knew how to communicate with images. Thankfully, his descendants didn’t forget; because where would we be without art, photography, movies, X-rays, animation, digital imaging, 3D printing, and Instagram. Okay, the last one was bit of a light-hearted addition, but even that shows you the pull of a picture.


For more day to day mundane uses, we need free images for decorate a blog post, seek inspiration, set a wallpaper, make a collage, or just finish the school homework. This post thus takes a ‘back-to-basics’ approach and attempts to go over the same image searching ground as before, but in a more comprehensive manner. I hope to again show that searching for the right free image is easy enough, provided you know where to look.


But first, let’s answer how image search engines actually work? And then…”

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